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Mitigating Circumstances

On occasions during the Acupuncture Foundation course trainees may experience circumstances which they feel have a significant effect on their academic or clinical performance, or affect their ability to successfully complete one or more aspects of the course. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to, illness, injury, or bereavement. If such a situation arises a trainee may wish to submit mitigation to the course tutor. By submitting mitigation, the trainee is making the course tutor aware of these circumstances when they consider the trainee’s overall performance during one period of, or throughout the entire course. If the course tutor believes that the trainee’s performance has been negatively affected as a result of mitigating circumstances then the trainee may be offered the opportunity to re-sit that section or assessment again. 

If a trainee misses a considerable portion of the theoretical component of the course or any single practical session then he or she must make arrangements with the tutor to re-sit that component.
The three tuition weekends should be attended in a six month period, as they are logically closely linked.
If possible the tutor will attempt to facilitate that re-sit within the original course timetable but the opportunity to do this may be limited by the logistic constraints of the timetable and course numbers. If the trainee is to re-sit a course component at a later date on a subsequent course then the student must liaise with the tutor to organise a suitable time and location to do so. Re-sitting should ideally occur within three months but no longer than six months from the original course date. Re-sitting course components will be decided at the course tutors discretion and will be dependent on logistical constraints of course delivery. 

Trainees wishing to request an extension to the final assessment hand in date must also complete a mitigation form outlining reasons for the request.

To formally submit mitigation, trainees should complete the mitigation form, which you can find here and submit this to the course tutor. The deadline for mitigation is seven days before the final hand in date of the final assessment and subsequent completion of the course. Mitigations will not be considered retrospectively after the final hand in date of the case study (assessment three). All mitigations will be taken on their individual merit and will be decided on at the tutor’s discretion and the tutor’s decision will be considered final.