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Directors and Officers

Directors on the HePAG Board who have acupuncture experience are drawn from a wider field of Allied Health Professionals, such as chiropractors, osteopaths, physiotherapists and sport therapists. 
Directors receive a remuneration per Board Meeting in recognition of the time taken from their normal jobs.
The Board is supported by an Accountant, an Auditor and a Company Secretary.

Governance ensures that HePAG Board Members are bound by a Code of Conduct that specifically requires them to declare if they have a personal interest in any matter under discussion by the Board.
Directors are excluded from discussion and voting on any issue in which they may have a personal interest.

Members of the Board of Directors and other officers are the following:

Chairman Kevin Young
Vice Chairman vacancy
Board Member Diana Lacraru
Board Member Jonathan Hobbs
Board Member vacancy
Board Member Caspar van Dongen
Board Member vacancy
Company Secretary

Michael Tolond

Admin/Office support

Lisa Stephenson

01733 646888 #5

PR & Marketing Officer

Jennifer Clarkson

01733 646888 #2

PR & Marketing Assistant Ayeisha Smith