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HePAG Training Overview

Training & CPD

HePAG (the Health Professions Acupuncture Group) requires a minimum of 300 hours of acupuncture training for Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Therapists and Occupational Therapists to become Accredited members; thereafter 10 hours CPD is required for each two years of membership to remain an accredited member.

Members are encouraged to develop and add to their skills in Acupuncture. Acupuncture training courses, (not CPD) are recognised by HePAG as providing such development. Training in principle adds a new skill and includes and assessment of your newly acquired skill; CPD largely serves to keep you up to date with current, existing skills. Training is acceptable as CPD, but CPD is not acceptable as training.

What is Training?

When medical professionals first start Acupuncture they attend a Foundation Training Course, in which their competence to practise Acupuncture is assessed.

Our members are encouraged to attend further training courses after and in addition to their Foundation Acupuncture course. Such training:

  • Provides a course that takes present Acupuncture skills further
  • Identifies learning objectives
  • Identifies learning outcomes
  • Involves an assessment of competence in the new skill
  • Involves an evaluation as to whether that competence has been achieved.

HePAG recognises ‘Post-Foundation’ and ‘Advanced’ as terms describing training courses offered to members who have passed the Foundation Course, provided that such courses have been approved by the Education Training and Research Committee. Other descriptions of courses, such as ‘intermediate’ are not recognised and do not designate courses that are recognised as training.

What is CPD?

Continued Professional Development [CPD] can be achieved in a number of different ways and a number of different approaches are listed below. All are acceptable when Acupuncture is involved and when the required learning objectives & outcomes are included in the CPD description.

The essential difference between CPD and Training is that a Training Course takes Acupuncture skills further and the competence in the new skills is assessed against defined criteria, whereas in CPD there is no such assessment. It follows that CPD is not Training and is not admissible as Training.

CPD may be acquired by a variety of methods, including:

  • In-service training [IST]
  • Critical appraisal of research
  • Listening to outside speakers
  • Attendance at training courses
  • Attendance at CPD courses
  • Acupuncture interest groups
  • Attendance at study days
  • Attendance at conference
  • Review of research
  • Self directed learning
  • Case Report submission to the required AACP protocol
  • Clinical reasoning.

In each case above, the Learning objectives and outcomes from the CPD session must be recorded in the Practitioner’s portfolio of Training & CPD.

Accredited Training Courses & Tutors

HePAG, through the ETRC, has a system to accredit both Training Courses and Tutors. Courses are only recognised as training by HePAG when both tutor and course are accredited by the ETRC Accreditation process. For details of the Accreditation process, or to obtain details of Approved Tutors follow the links and sub-menus at the top of this page.

HePAG will accept CPD courses run by tutors who are not accredited, but such courses cannot be offered as training.

Finding a Training Course

To find a HePAG Approved Tutor, please follow the links and sub-menus at the top of this page.
Training Courses and CPD Courses are advertised on this website following the tab ‘Training and Conferences’.
Details of a wide range of courses will be found under this heading – simply click on the course that is of interest for full details. .

The HePAG Acupuncture Foundation Course

The 300 hour foundation course is the route for Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Therapists and Occupational Therapists to gain membership of HePAG. It includes 6 days of contact teaching and is usually taught in several modules over a period of about six to eight weeks.

It is essential that all delegates are able to give and receive acupuncture on these courses and anyone who has any impediment to receiving acupuncture, such as illness or possible pregnancy, should NOT attend these courses.

Delegates are given course work to do between the course parts, including the preparation case studies and it is essential that delegates are able to practise acupuncture within a clinical setting between the course parts, or they will not be able to complete the case studies and will not pass the course.

Delegates on these courses must have obtained a BSc in Sports Therapy, Osteopathy, Occupational Therapy or Chiropractic or working towards it and having achieved at least the Level 4 stage.

HePAG will Run Courses for You

If you’d like to host a course in your Hospital, Clinic or Practice and you’d like HePAG to set it up and run it, then please contact the office to discuss arrangements via the above address.
We can also run a course for you at our offices in Peterborough. We have an excellent training room available with full AV facilities.