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Join HePAG!

HePAG is a professional body representing the practice of Western research-based acupuncture for health professionals in the UK.

HePAG was formed towards the end of 2016. Its aim is to provide education and training for allied health professionals in Western Medical Acupuncture and to set and maintain standards for the education and practice of its members.
We represent our members with Law Makers, the Public, NHS and Private Health Insurers.

Membership of HePAG will;

  • Expand your skill set with acupuncture and further career prospects

  • Attract more patients by offering a more complete treatment option

  • Increase your earning potential

  • Save money on professional products and services

  • Access specific HePAG membership benefits


view more I am a health professional keen to learn acupuncture. Can I join?

If you have the following, you can attend a HePAG Foundation Course:

  • Sports Therapists

  • Having obtained a BSc in Sports Therapy.

  • Working towards a BSc in Sports Therapy, having successfully completed level 4

  • Having obtained a Level 4 Certificate in Sports Therapy / Massage

  • Osteopaths

  • Current membership of the General Osteopathic Council (effectively having a BSc in Osteopathy)

  • Working towards a BSc in Osteopathy, having successfully completed level 4

  • Chiropractors

  • Current membership of the General Chiropractic Council (effectively having a BSc in Chiropractic)

  • Working towards a BSc in Chiropractic, having successfully completed level 4

  • Occupational Therapist
  • Current membership of the Royal College of Occupational Therapists

  • A BSc in Occupational Therapy 
  • All

  • Be able to practise acupuncture in a clinical setting between the course parts

  • Give the tutor informed consent to receive repetitive needling (with particular regard to being or trying to become pregnant).

  • Be able to treat three separate patients in a safe and legal environment for their case studies. 

  • Attend all 6 days of the course

view more What does the Foundation Course entail?

  • Two three-day training sessions separated by six weeks OR

  • Two consecutive weekends training sessions followed by a further weekend training session six weeks later

  • Small training groups with a maximum of 15 participants

  • Hands-on experience through supervised practical workshops, lectures and discussion

  • Informative and comprehensive course workbooks and guide

  • Tuition from an accredited HePAG tutor, with experience in acupuncture and osteopathy, chiropractic or physiotherapy

view more How can I attend a Foundation Course

CLICK HERE to find details of all current HePAG Acupuncture Foundation Courses and to book TODAY

view more I am a health professional, already trained in acupuncture techniques. Can I join?

If you already did have acupuncture training and want to become a member, please get in touch with the office.
At present the HePAG Acupuncture Foundation Course is the only route to membership, but you may be able to join, depending on your training and practice history, which will have to be evaluated on an individual basis.

Our membership department will be able to help you, please email or call 01733 646888 #1

view more Types of HePAG Membership


Trainees, who have subscribed to one of the HePAG Acupuncture Foundation Courses, receive the first year’s subscription included in the course fee.


The HePAG subscription fee for Accredited Members is paid annually by bank transfer. In most cases, this subscription should be allowable against income tax; for details, please see the HMRC website.

Once accredited as a member, the Annual fee is £120.

Non - Practising

There is a concession for members who are unable to practise for a period of time through circumstances and like to retain their membership, at £95. This concession can only apply for one year.