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Why Western Medical Acupuncture?

In the UK there are largely two types of professional groups that practise acupuncture. One group has studied acupuncture as part of three years of Chinese Traditional Medicine studies; the other will have completed three years of Western medical studies (to become a doctor, an osteopath or a physiotherapist for example) and have learned about acupuncture, concentrated on and applicable to their western training.

This second group of medical professionals is the largest group in the UK practising acupuncture.
The vast majority of acupuncture treatments in the UK is for musculoskeletal conditions.

HePAG members will have had full medical training, before starting their acupuncture learning.

So they are fully aware of the physiology (functioning) of the body through their medical study and practical work.

Their additional acupuncture learning exists of 300 hours theoretical and practical studies and assessments, predominantly in the musculoskeletal area in which they graduated in the first place and based on evidence based western acupuncture research.

After successful completion of the acupuncture course, HePAG ensures that its members conduct regular CPD to keep up to speed with latest developments.

Full (accredited) membership is granted only on evidence that a trainee has completed at least 300 hours of theoretical and practical training and assessments on courses approved by the Company.

All members have to give evidence of 10 hours continuing professional development (CPD) every two years in order to maintain their membership status, to maintain high standards of practice.