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The Health Professions Acupuncture Group uses an Education, Training and Research Committee to "Develop, operate and monitor an appropriate accreditation, approval and evaluation process for the education and training of HePAG members", which includes:

  • Managing the process of accreditation and the triennial re-accreditation of tutors/teaching institutions seeking to teach for HePAG and/or HePAG accredited courses, including the annual peer-review of existing tutors

  • Managing the process of CPD course approval

  • Developing and monitoring an appropriate spectrum of education, training and CPD for HePAG members and evaluate this on an annual basis

  • Promoting both an educational framework and up to date accreditation requirements to support members’ training in a rapidly developing statutory healthcare context

  • Promoting a developmental and collaborative ethic of education, training and research within the HePAG ETRC, among tutors/teaching institutions and externally with other bodies, using the HePAG website and articles in (e-)newsletters.

This Committee also provides services to other acupuncture organisations.